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Szentendre Day Trip from the Capital

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Tour information

Leaving Margaret Island towards Árpád Bridge, take a sharp turn and head north on the riverside bike path. A brief section with cobblestones passes by Kobuci Garden, Vasarely Museum, and Kassák Museum at Óbuda Main Square. Be careful at Filatorigát HÉV station, as the bike path crosses the tracks. Continue along the riverside bike path past the former Gas Factory towards Nánási Road.

At Nánási Road, you have two options to proceed. If heading towards Roman Beach, be prepared for a dirt road stretch and pedestrian/cyclist traffic, especially on weekends. If you continue along the Nánási road, however, you will have a smoother ride, but there’s significant car traffic in this area.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll reach an excellent bike path starting at Pünkösdfürdő Street, directly on the embankment. Shortly after, you’ll reach one of the highlights of the route, the finalist of the 2021 Bike Path of the Year competition. Pedal through shadowy, floodplain forests until you reach Lupa Lake. After the lake, there are fewer trees, but the road quality remains impeccable, and with a slight detour, you can even reach the sandy shore.

The new bike path section eventually joins the existing path through a bridge on the outskirts of Szentendre. From here, you’re just a few kilometres away from Szentendre’s Danube Promenade. On the promenade, it’s worth stopping for a delicious bite to eat or enjoying a refreshing lemonade, as there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

On the way back, the tour follows the riverside bike path up to the bridge, then continues beyond and passes under the Route 11 overpass through a section that was renovated a few years ago. From Békásmegyer, you can also take the HÉV back to Margaret Bridge if you’re feeling tired, but pedaling back along Pünkösdfürdő Street towards Nánási Road you can get back to the earlier route, leading you back to Margit Island.

This tour description was produced in collaboration with Flowcycle.


Margaret Island

The green oasis of the capital, the island, where many people go to relax, recharge, or engage in sports activities. You can explore the Water Tower, the fountain, and the fish pond, and there’s even a mini zoo waiting for visitors.

Lupa Lake

From spring to autumn, Budapest’s „seaside” offers sandy beaches, a variety of activities, and a rich gastronomic offering.

Danube Promenade, Szentendre

In the approximately 2 km stretch, along with a stunning panorama, numerous restaurants beckon with a rich food and drink selection. For those who appreciate culture, several museums await, located in the small streets along the promenade.

+ Programme tip

Vasarely Múzeum, Óbuda

A Vasarely Múzeum állandó kiállítása a művészi életművet időrend szerint követi végig. Emellett az épületben időszakos kiállítások is látogathatók.

Skanzen, Szentendre

A Szabadtéri Néprajzi Múzeum Magyarország – ismertebb nevén a Skanzen 63 hektáros területén mutatja be a magyar népi építészetet és életmódot.


Region: Budapest and agglomeration
Days to complete: 1 day
Difficulty: easy
Tour type: cycling
Length: 36 km
Hours to complete: 4

Approach from: Margaret Island, Budapest



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