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Adventures along the Danube near Budapest

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Tour information

You have a full-day, experience-rich bike tour ahead of you! Starting from Óbuda’s Szentlélek Square, head out on the well-established bike path towards the Roman Beach in the north direction. Follow the Danube’s course, mostly along the riverbank, leaving behind the last houses on your left, your path will be lined with vast fields and floodplain forests. Upon reaching Szentendre, your route will take you along the Danube Promenade, which is the heart of this artist’s town: you’ll pass by fascinating restaurants, galleries, and churches. Soon, you’ll reach the ferry departing from behind the Határcsárda (Border Inn), which will take you to Szentendre Island. Cross the island on a straight road until you reach the Danube’s bank again, where you’ll turn south and continue along the levee, passing through Szigetmonostor to the next ferry crossing: cross the river again! As you enter Dunakeszi, a well-built bike path will guide you, and by following it southward, you’ll head towards the Megyeri Bridge, then go up the bridge and cross over to the Pest side! Continue southward along the Lupa Island and make the final kilometres back to your starting point.


Lupa Lake

Between Budapest and Budakalász lies the beautiful Lupa Lake, which owes its existence to gravel mining. The massive and deep lake was off-limits to swimmers for a long time, but in recent years, a popular beach and hospitality complex has been built here.

Downtown Szentendre

The history of Szentendre dates back to antiquity, so it is not surprising that the Church Hill and the parish church of St John the Baptist, which dominates the town centre, date back to the 13th century. Its winding streets and small houses have a charming atmosphere, making this stunning town a rightfully popular destination among tourists. From the Szamár-domb (Donkey Hill), you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Danube, and it’s worth climbing the stairs leading there.

+ Programme tip

Szentendre Skanzen

Located at the foot of the Visegrád Mountains, the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Szentendre will make you feel like you’re travelling through time! Among the complex of buildings representing different regions of Hungary as villages, you can wander both in space and time, discovering architectural customs and lifestyles of people from the 18th to the 20th century. It guarantees an active and engaging experience for the whole family.

Madárlátta (Bird-Watching) Educational Path, Dunakeszi

Established in 2016, this educational path aims to showcase the local wildlife, resident and migratory bird species, as well as fish species. Interactive panels and tasks await you as you walk along the trail, which was renovated in 2022. Using QR codes, you can even listen to the sounds of the birds living here! At the end of the trail, which can be completed in about an hour, a bird-themed playground awaits children.

Leányfalu Thermal Bath

Winter or summer, the allure of the beach next to the Danube is provided by thermal water sourced from 1000 metres deep. The vast park, filled with ancient trees, offers shade from the sun during the summer months, while its two pools with constantly warm water provide joyful relaxation even in winter.  At weekends, night swimming is also available until midnight for those who want a special adventure!


Region: Budapest and agglomeration
Days to complete: 1 day
Difficulty: easy
Tour type: cycling
Length: 48.6 km
Hours to complete: 4 h

Approach from:

The starting point is accessible by public transport (HÉV, tram, bus). P+R parking is 50 metres away.

1033 Budapest, Szentlélek Square



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