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Paddle through the islands of Szentendre Danube!

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Tour information

We invite you to a real water tour near Budapest. Once you’re on the water, you’ll immediately feel that you’ve escaped the urban hustle and bustle, and you can enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of nature and the unparalleled experience of rowing excursions.
The starting and finishing point is the waterfront base on the Budapest section of the Szentendre Danube (1.5 river kilometers), a protected location free from heavy boat traffic, harbour and pier navigation. Easily accessible by urban transportation, you can be on the water within seconds, and head towards nature! Leaving behind the city’s noise (and paved shores), you can navigate through uninhabited islets and sandbanks, or, depending on the water level, relax on the sandy shores. The Lupa Island, known as a holiday paradise, is a perfect destination. One of the island’s must-see sights is the stunning row of plane trees, and you can also pop into Sanyi Bácsi’s Buffet for a refreshing treat. If you’re planning a slightly longer programme, then head towards Szentendre! You can find an ideal docking spot at the Postás Strand located at kilometre 9 of the river, with a grassy area suitable for outdoor games and a buffet. Or you can even embark on the „Szentendre breakthrough”: here, the river narrows, the current intensifies, and you might need to use ropes to pull the boats along the riverbank for a 100-150 metre stretch. In return, you’ll be able to dock near the Szentendre promenade and the old town, right by the Kacsakő Bistro. If you simply want to enjoy a pleasant descent along the backwater, choose Leányfalu as your starting point and the boarding spot located on Petőfi Promenade. Paddling downstream from here, you can admire the panorama of Szentendre, and the docking points for exploring local attractions are conveniently situated at an ideal distance.


Szentendre – Danube Promenade

A romantic walk along the Danube promenade in Szentendre promises delightful relaxation in every season. During the summer, the promenade comes to life as people flock to the riverside to enjoy the ambiance of summer evenings, while in the winter it is a great place for a quieter, more contemplative stroll. Lined with fantastic buffets and restaurants all year round, the promenade invites you with open arms.

Szentendre Skanzen

At the Szentendre Open-Air Ethnographic Museum situated at the foot of the Visegrád Mountains, you’ll feel like you’re a time traveller! Among the complex of buildings representing different regions of Hungary as villages, you can wander both in space and time, discovering architectural customs and lifestyles of people from the 18th to the 20th century. Hop on a bike, board the train, or simply take a leisurely walk! An exciting and active outing for the whole family!

Szentendre – Old Town

Szentendre owes its romantic atmosphere primarily to its winding, cobblestone streets, which unfold around the historical town centre, today’s Main Square. The Main Square is adorned with mostly Baroque-style buildings, which were once the homes of Serbian traders. From here, you can stroll up narrow, steep streets to the Church Hill, offering a beautiful view of the Danube Bend.

Lupa Island – Plane Tree Alley

Budapest’s unique island of the Danube, Lupa Island, home to Bauhaus-style villas which stretch across the water near Budakalász, can only be reached by water. You can approach it by kayak, canoe, or even by ferry. One thing is for certain – you will have an unparalleled experience as you explore the waterfront. The island’s 700-metre-long main street is lined with giant plane trees, behind which you can admire the holiday homes.

+ Programme tip

Stone Hill

One of the southernmost peaks of the Visegrád Mountains, rising on the border of Szentendre and Pomáz, is Kő-hegy (Stone Hill (Stone Hill) with a height of 366 metres. This peak offers pleasant hiking trails for nature enthusiasts. Although not very tall, the peak presents unique rock formations and breathtaking panoramas to hikers. It’s worth taking a break at the Czibulka János Shelter, in operation since 1933, which provides warm food, drinks, and restroom facilities.


Region: Budapest and agglomeration
Days to complete: 1 day
Difficulty: medium
Tour type: rowing
Length: 16.8 km
Hours to complete: 5-6 h

Starting point: Budapest, Roman Beach



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Restaurants, accomodations, services

Renting touring canoes and touring kayaks


Sanyi Bácsi’s Buffet – Lupa Island


Postás Beach – Lido Tenisz Buffet


Kacsakő Bisztró – Szentendre


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