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Buda Green 2: From Hűvösvölgy to Solymár Castle / Adventurous hiking in the Buda Hills

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A full-day adventurous hike awaits you if you decide to embark on the second section of the Green trail of Buda, which starts at Nagyhíd station and is also accessible by trams 56 and the 61. The entire route is marked with green signs, and the first viewpoint is the steep cliff of Apáthy Rock from where you’ll follow a forest path to the popular Árpád Lookout Tower, a stone building on the side of Látó Hill. Leaving behind the charming terrace of the lookout, you descend into Szépvölgy, and after a gentle uphill section, cutting through the ridge of Hármashatár Hill, a short descent awaits you into the abyssal valley of Farkas-torok (Wolf Throat). On the side of the hill, at an elevation of around 300 metres, you will turn onto the Guckler Károly Panorama Trail, which is worth a separate hike due to its unique viewpoints. After indulging in the unfolding urban panorama, you can take a rest at the green plateau of Virágos-nyereg or continue your journey, wandering through the forests of Csúcs Hill, Tök Hill, and Kálvária Hill. Finally, you reach the ruins of Solymár Castle, gracefully perched on Mátyás Hill. From here, after a leisurely stroll of about a kilometre, you will arrive at the heart of Solymár, the end of your hike.


Apáthy Rock

You can comfortably reach the steep cliff of Apáthy Rock on a stroller-friendly forest path, which is a close-to-nature excursion spot within the urban environment of the 2nd district. The popularity of this exceptional rock formation lies not only in its easy accessibility but also in its unparalleled urban panorama. At the lookout points, the contours of the Buda Hills and the views of the 2nd and 12th districts unfold before you.

Solymár Castle

A castle ruin shrouded in mystery invites you to explore the outskirts of Solymár! The details of the construction of this attraction, which fits perfectly into hiking routes, are shrouded in mystery, but it can be surmised that a fortress has stood here since the 14th century. Within this castle, which operates with seasonal opening hours, a lookout tower has been built, providing a stunning panorama of the surrounding countryside.

Árpád Lookout Tower

Easily accessible in Budapest’s 2nd district, this covered, Székely-style lookout tower has been offering a half-panoramic view of the city since 1929, including the bridges, Gellért Hill, the green ribbon of the Danube, and the prestigious building of the Parliament. Although the view may not be complete due to the surrounding villas and vegetation, it is still an impressive city panorama, and all you need to do is climb up to the top of the 378-metre-high Látó Hill. You can reach it by public transportation with a few minutes’ walk from the final stop of bus 11 departing from Batthyány Square.

Guckler Károly Lookout Tower

The easily recognizable Guckler Károly Lookout Tower, with its unique shape, invites you for active relaxation on the top of Hármashatár Hill, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city life, and yet surrounded by a peaceful forest environment. The octagonal wooden structure of the tower offers an open terrace with a beautiful panorama of Budapest’s city centre and the Pilis mountain range. You can reach the lookout tower with a 30-minute walk from the „Fenyőgyöngye” bus stop of bus line 65.

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Guckler Károly Educational Path

One of Budapest’s most beautiful forest paths is the Guckler Károly Educational Path, equipped with 14 interactive stations, inviting you to hike along the seven-kilometre round trip of Hármashatár Hill. This family-friendly route is suitable for children and even accessible with a stroller. It includes two lookout points that offer beautiful panoramas of the capital city. The three-hour forest trail starts at Fenyőgyöngye Restaurant and ends at the same location. Follow the adventure with the Digital Wanderer app!

Jegenye Valley Waterfall

Considered one of the most beautiful natural treasures near Budapest, the Jegenye Valley Waterfall hidden in the outskirts of Solymár is the largest waterfall in the Buda Hills. You can admire the 4-metre-high waterfall cascading down the rocky steps from both below and above, and only a short walk awaits you in the stream valley before that, on a challenge-free, marked route. After the waterfall, it’s worth continuing your journey to the picturesque Solymár Castle with its promising scenic views.

Gellért Hill Adventure Trail

On the two-kilometre-long Gellért Hill Adventure Trail, you can quickly forget that you are in the middle of a big city. In just an hour, you can stroll through the shadowy forests of the hill and enjoy the enchanting panoramic views of Budapest, and you can even visit iconic monuments such as the Statue of Liberty. The trail starts near Szent Gellért Square. Explore with the Digital Wanderer app and uncover the secrets of the place on a virtual time travel!


Region: Budapest and agglomeration
Days to complete: 1 day
Difficulty: medium
Tour type: walking
Length: 13.8 km
Hours to complete: 5 h


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