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Narrow-gauge Railway Excursion in the Capital

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The Széchenyi Children’s Railway is one of the most unique transportation attractions in the capital city, where children are in charge of operating the trains. The narrow-gauge railway winds its way through the Buda forest for 11.2 kilometres from Széchenyi Hill to Hűvösvölgy. Its popularity has remained strong for 70 years, and in 2015, it even entered the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest children-operated railway line providing both traffic and commercial service.

You can combine this tour in various ways with a ride on the children’s railway, as you walk from one end to the middle of the railway route. Or vice versa: you can take a scenic train ride and walk back halfway. It’s up to you. Along the route, you’ll encounter unique lookout points, breathtaking panoramas, forest playgrounds, and shrines. A few minutes’ walk from the Széchenyi Hill terminal station is Normafa, a wonderful forest-covered hilltop and one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the capital. Walking down the slope of Normafa, you’ll reach Anna Field, where you can find a forest playground and designated fire pits. The sloping field is a perfect spot for family picnics in the summer and sledding or skiing in the winter.

Along the Jánoshegyi Road, there’s a forest trail that leads to the upper station of the Chairlift. The Zugliget Chairlift welcomes those who want to enjoy the panorama of Budapest all year round.

A short yet steep walk from the chairlift will take you to the Erzsébet Lookout Tower. The peak of János Hill, standing at 527 metres, is the highest point in Budapest. On exceptionally clear days, you might even catch a glimpse of the snow-covered peaks of the High Tatras.


Erzsébet Lookout Tower

Budapest’s most famous lookout tower is on János Hill, reaching 528 metres above the city, making it the highest point of the capital for over 110 years. It was named after Queen Elizabeth, better known as Sissy, who loved to admire the detailed landscape below from here. It’s worth visiting this attraction with a combined trip that includes a ride on the chairlift from the direction of Normafa.

Széchenyi Memorial

Near the Széchenyi Hill station, you can find a building designed by Miklós Ybl, which originally served as an artesian well located at what is now Heroes’ Square. In 1898, it was moved to its current location, where it was used as a lookout point until the trees grew tall and obstructed the view.

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Budakeszi Wildlife Park

The Budakeszi Wildlife Park is located on the outskirts of Budapest, in the Budakeszi Valley. It can be reached by taking the 22 bus family from Szépjuhászné railway station. Covering over three hundred hectares within enclosed grounds, the park showcases the flora and fauna of the forests surrounding Buda, as well as species native to other parts of Hungary and Europe. The Budakeszi Wildlife Park was opened in 1979 on the occasion of the International Year of Children.

Budakeszi Adventure Park

Situated within the premises of the Budakeszi Wildlife Park, the adventure park offers six different levels of difficulty across its courses, inviting thrill-seekers who enjoy heights and excitement into its beautiful forest setting.


Region: Budapest and agglomeration
Days to complete: 1 day
Difficulty: easy
Tour type: walking
Length: 5.5 km
Hours to complete: 2 h

Approach from: Tram 60 (cogwheel) to Széchenyi Hill, Gyermekvasút stop



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Restaurants, accomodations and other services

Normafa Park

Normafa offers fire pits, playgrounds, a skiing school, and many other nature-oriented experiences.


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