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Treasures of Tokaj-Hegyalja along the new bike routes

Tokaj-Hegyalja kincsei az új kerékpáros útvonalak mentén

If you want to explore a truly stunning landscape in Hungary, you must visit Tokaj-Hegyalja! The wine region belong to the UNESCO World Heritage is not only famous for its vineyards and beautiful scenery, but also for its numerous cultural and gastronomic experiences.

Do you want to discover the sights of our world-famous wine region? Then all you have to do is sit on the bike and head to the most beautiful and interesting places, whether it’s a lookout point, a mining lake, or the banks of the Bodrog and Tisza rivers. If you don’t want to bring your own bike, you can rent one on the spot.

The experience is guaranteed, as the landscape will make you a present of new wonders at every moment you spend here.

Sights along the new sections of the soon to be completed Tokaj circuit bike route


First, it is worth visiting the city of Tokaj, which has many unique features. The baroque-style buildings, the hills dotted with vineyards, and the bike path along the Tisza River all contribute to making your time here unforgettable. And while we are talking about Tokaj, why not try a water tour! Cycling north from Tokaj, we reach the Bodrog River, one of the region’s most significant rivers. The Kenubázis is also located here, where it is worth hopping on a boat and participating in a kayak or canoe tour, which can be an excellent addition to bike tours during hot summer days.


Turning back and passing by the Tokaj-Tisza bridge, the journey can continue along the existing Tokaj-Tarcal bike path, where we soon reach Tarcal. This settlement is a real treasure trove of the Tokaj wine region. Here you can find, among others, the world-famous Béres Vineyard and Winery, where you can not only taste excellent wines, but also take part in wine tasting tours. In addition to wine, it is also worth visiting the Blessing Christ statue and the nearby quarry pond.


Leaving the village and continuing along the main road, we just arrive at Bodrogkeresztúr located in the bay, which can also be an interesting stop on the excursion. The medieval castle can be reached with a short walk, which was originally built as a church, and today it is functioned as the Tokaj Wine Region Museum. A new bike rest area has been built here, right next to the popular and beloved Lebuj Restaurant. It’s always worth stopping by Lebuj for a few delicious bites.

To have enough time to discover the sights here, it is worth dedicating at least a full day to the bike tour.

The surroundings of Kopasz-hegy are waiting for you too!

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